“You Were Created For So Much More”

10 Truths of Your God-Given Purpose Follow me on; In your journey of life, have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?”

How to Empathize with Others

7 Steps to Having Empathy and Relating to Others Follow me on: Webster defines the following as; Empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Sympathy–feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune: Is there a difference between empathy and sympathy? Yes!

How to Handle Toxic People

7 Steps to Detoxify Toxic People in Your Life. Follow me on: We all have dealt with them somewhere in our life’s journey. They somehow make it past all of our internal security walls. Crawl under our security cameras. Proudly stroll down the hallways of our minds and burrow deep into our hearts before weContinue reading “How to Handle Toxic People”

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